About the Treatment Writer.

Know a bit about me before I write a TVC treatment for you.

Who I Am

I’m a TV commercial treatment writer for busy directors and production companies who need creative, competitive pitches that stand out from the crowd and win them their next directing job. I use clear and compelling language to sell your vision.

What I Do

I take your vision and turn it into a concise treatment that gets the attention of the client and agency. These are your ideas, your concept, backed by your reel and experience. I just put it all into words that impress agencies and clients.

What I Offer

It starts with you making contact and giving me any notes or recordings you have. From there, I work hard and fast on a draft, make all the edits you want, and get the whole thing done so you can have it to the client before the deadline.


My Treatment Writing Overview

Directing is competitive. You need every edge you can get.

It’s my job to help you get your next job, and the treatment you submit to the client/agency is one of the deciding factors. It’s huge. Somebody saw something in your reel that brought you to the shortlist, and there’s no way we’re going to give them anything less than your best pitch.

In this case, the edge is having a creative treatment writer driving the treatment writing process. In the end, I’ll have taken all your input and finessed it into a treatment that makes you a top contender for the project.

My Treatment Writing Approach

My treatment writing approach is really about listening.

First and foremost, my job is to listen. From the agency conference call to the communication we have, my job is to hear what you’re saying and determine where and how it fits into the structure of a treatment. Samples of previous treatments you’ve done will help, but they aren’t necessary. Just know that the the final treatment copy will be a reflection of the communication you have with me.

Communication drives the process. I make a point to communicate effectively and really listen and process your input to generate a superior treatment.


Treatment Writing Process

The process is meant to be easy for you.

I try to make the process as easy on you as possible. Some directors don’t want my input at all – they just want me to expand on the input they’ve given me. Others don’t mind if I throw in a few ideas that can always be finessed (or removed) as the treatment writing process goes on. The good news is this: with me as your treatment writer, you get what you want. I’m flexible, and my ego never gets in the way.

In the end, you’ll have a treatment that vividly describes your vision, your approach and all the details that make your pitch a winner in the eyes of the agency and client.


Timeliness counts! It’s called a deadline for a reason. The brief is sitting in your inbox. The agency wants your treatment yesterday. You want this job. But, you can’t drop everything to write your own treatment, so hire a treatment writer.