December Recap: From the TVC Treatment Writer’s Desk


December Recap: From the TVC Treatment Writer’s Desk

In the first recap of what will likely be a sporadic, if I feel like it, blog post that you may or may not read depending on your sobriety, and level of affection toward cats, I’ll tell you what happened in my recent history in terms of my treatment writing and whatever else I feel like.

Firs of all, I have never said publicly that I specialize in writing TVC treatments for car commercials, but apparently there’s a memo floating around making that claim. Or at least there must be. Maybe a note on a napkin or something? I’ve done a handful of car commercial treatments, and if I had to specialize (not a fan of that word) in a TVC commercial “type,”, it would be cars.

Why? Because I love cars. Wait. No. I love MY CAR, but I like cars in general. I especially like cars that I’ll never drive because who drives to Costco in a Lamborghini Aventador? Not this guy.

Because some of the car TVC treatments I’ve written are still “live,” I will tell you that the cars I’ve written for in recent weeks+months are all contained in the image below with a few wildcards thrown in to totally throw you off. Besides, even if I did tell you the cars, there are dozens of markets for each of them, and so you’d probably never know anyway. Plus I needed an excuse to goof around in Photoshop:


Ok, if you read closely, you’ll noticed that I alluded to the fact that I DID write a treatment for a Lamborghini Aventador project. I wrote it around the same time Casey Neistat was in Dubai skateboarding behind an Aventador, so I had some added inspiration. The car is pretty inspiring itself, but watching someone almost get arrested for skate-surfing behind one didn’t hurt. The YouTube video was a good distraction.



In other news, you can check out the Google TVC Treatment Project on which I was the writer. Also, if you missed my chat with BB Gunn, the top-notch visual researcher and treatment designer from California, check out my Q&A with him.

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