Treatment Writing Services

I’m a TVC treatment writer who collaborates with directors and production companies to create inspiring brand stories. Superior treatments are crucial if you want to stand out from the competition. Your reputation, and some decent money, are on the line.


With as little as a recorded conference call and a brief, I can get started creating a rough draft that covers all the client's wishes while letting your vision shine through.


From the first draft, we work together to refine and bring sharpness and clarity to your treatment. Your feedback is crucial so I get the right tone and phrasing in my writing.


I'm there for the design side of the TVC treatment, too. Need a section condensed? No problem! Need me to expand on something to fill the space better? Ok!


The treatment isn't done until you say it's done. If you've sent it, and the client wants changes or needs something re-worked, I'll edit the treamtment as-needed.

My Treatment Writing Work

See treatments I’ve written for directors and production companies.

Need to see treatment writing samples before you green-light a project with me?

No problem. I’ve got treatments to share. Car commercials, airlines, banks and beer – they’re allĀ  here. They’ve been stripped of identifying features (director’s name, agency, etc) because I value confidentiality when it comes to my treatment writing services.


Learn more about me

Working over the Internet often means we work with people we’ve never met – or feel like we simply don’t know. Take a few moments to learn more about me so I don’t seem so much like a stranger.


Quick Portfolio/Best Of (PDF)

It’s like a highlight reel with no reel. But it’s still some of my best work.

Ok, you’re in a hurry and you just want to know if I can write a treatment for you. No time to flip through my portfolio? No problem, Click the yellow “GET THE PDF” button just below this paragraph to get my “best of” document and decide if I’m right for your TVC treatment or related project.