BMW 1 Series – Global Car Brand TV Commercial Treatment

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My thoughts on this treatment:

It's nice when everything falls together on a TV commercial treatment. The conference call comes in early, and it's clearly recorded and contains great dialogue. The director gives clear guidance and examples of what they do (and don't) want. The director specifically wanted to handle the script portion of this (which is why you don't see it here) and I was more than happy to clean up any grammar and spelling as well as some minor translation issues - all part of the job.

TVC Treatment
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About This Project

BMW wanted a bold way to launch its 1 Series car into an Asian market. What’s more bold that having one of the regions tops artists drive the car while playing the world’s largest laser harp? Everything fell into place with this one. A great conference call, a great director and a common goal of delivering a quality treatment to the client and agency.