Dodge Neon – Middle East Car Commercial TVC Treatment

My thoughts on this treatment:

Sometimes, I don't get the pleasure of knowing where a director is located. When I first spoke to the director, it sounded as though he was IN the Middle East. Turns out he was about an hour away from me in Toronto. That helped formed a bit of a bond that helped us work even better together. Got the treatment done - on-time and to the director's satisfaction.

TVC Treatment
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About This Project

Honesty moment: I wasn’t 100% certain the even manufactured the Dodge Neon anymore. Well, apparently they do, and they sell well enough to warrant a commercial in the Middle East. Aside from my inconsequential feelings, this project was actually a really fun one. The agency had a great brief – some really creative ideas – to bring this car to life and it was a pleasure to be a part of the creative process and work with a very talented director who had some great ideas for the spot.