Google App – Global Brand TV Commercial Treatment

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My thoughts on this treatment:

After writing about luxury cars (none of which I'll ever own) for a few TVC treatments in a row, it was nice to write a treatment about a free app that I use every day. Writing about POV (as mentioned in the script that you're not seeing because confidentiality) was a great change of pace. I enjoy writing in a way that puts the viewer in the position of a character.

TVC Treatment
About This Project

The concept was simple: Use POV shots to put the viewer in the place of our antagonist as they use the Google App to solve all the little everyday life problems that pop up when, say, you need a snowboard, gas, directions, a Christmas gift, an ATM, a onesie for your dog, a bus schedule…you get the idea. The director for this treatment wanted to use street casting, which I think builds a huge amount of authenticity in the treatment.