Nastro Azzurro – Italian Beer TVC Treatment

My thoughts on this treatment:

When a director has limited availability, you have to get the most out of every interaction. We had some very focused emails and Skype calls about this treatment. Very little sidebar-talk. Add this to a tight deadline (when aren't they tight?) and I ended up with a happy director. Note: The version on this page is one I created. There was no version of the final treatment in English, so I had to improvise.

TVC Treatment
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About This Project

This is a TVC about a group of tight-knit friends who display strong individuality, but have an equally-strong camaraderie. The director’s goal is to get the viewer into the middle of this bond where they will find a common theme: The enjoyment of Nastro Azzurro beer. With plenty of magic moments scattered throughout, and an authenticity among the cast, this TVC treatment was more of a joy than a challenge when it came to giving life to the director’s vision in a way that did the brief, and the brand, justice.