Pepsi Ramadan (Euro Cup+Jamal Bajandouh) – Global Brand TVC Treatment

My thoughts on this treatment:

Although it took me almost a full day to receive the brief, I was able to start this project with a conference call recording, a previous treatment and some notes from the director. It must have been enough for me to do a bang-up job because the director's feedback was "I don't want do add a single word. Simply perfect." True story.

TVC Treatment
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About This Project

Pepsi, Ramadan, Euro Cup and Jamal Bajandouh. It was a lot to fit into one brief, let alone one TVC treatment. But I had the right input, the right feedback and the right mindset to get started, revise the treatment as needed (the director didn’t ask for changes from the first draft) and move on to the next TVC treatment. This had to be one of the fastest projects I’ve ever completed for a director.