The TVC Treatment is a Pitch in More Ways Than One


The TVC Treatment is a Pitch in More Ways Than One

You’ve got the boards, you’ve recorded the call, and wouldn’t you know it, you’re jazzed about this latest T.V. commercial project. It’s a brand you’ve wanted to work with for a long time, and you couldn’t be more ready.

So this next director’s treatment needs to be just as much a pitch as it is a vision to win over the client AND the agency.

When I say “pitch” I mean it in the advertising sense – and in the musical sense, too.

You see, the treatment HAS to be in a language and use a tone that the agency and client will understand or, rather, hear and respond to.

You could call it the brand voice.

If the client’s brand is very conversational, why would your treatment be boring and stuffy? I’m not talking about simply avoiding the use of jargon and “in the clouds” business language. What I’m talking about is taking the time to look at the tone of the client’s brand voice and then writing a pitch that matches or complements it.

  • Are they conversational?
  • Are they funny?
  • Can they poke fun at themselves?

Whether you incorporate the brand’s voice into only a few areas, like the interpretation of the script, or use it from the introduction right through to the “thank you” section, is up to you.

After being on the client side for a number of years, I came to appreciate the familiarity that third-parties managed to work into documents that included, proposals, press releases, etc. And, director’s treatments are no different.

I can take the time to look at a brand’s voice and work it into the TVC treatment. Will I be able to master the client’s voice in just a few short hours? It’s doubtful. But will it make a positive impact, and possibly give you an edge, when it comes to the treatment writing?


It might even be like music to their ears when they your treatment.

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