Treatment Writer Services.

Treatment writing, editing and more...

I take your TV commercial vision and write a treatment that shows your experience and creativity while getting the approval of the agency and client.


Sometimes, treatments don't come out the way you planned. I can take yours and finesse it into the awesome vision you had in the first place.

Treatment Design

I work with a handful of talented designers in the USA and Europe who specialize in visual research and treatment design for directors.

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Need a synopsis for a pilot you're pitching? Need a copywriter to write your agency/produciton house website? Count on me.

Treatment Writing

Writing a treatment isn’t difficult – provided I have all the necessary information.

No two treatments are the same, however some are very similar. If you don’t have a specific format in-mind, I can use a set of common treatment headings to make sure that we cover all the bases for the client. So items like casting, location, cinematography, music, lighting – they all get covered. Of course, anything specific in the brief and/or conference call gets addressed in the treatment as well. That goes without saying.

Of course, if you do have a specific format in-mind, I’m all ears. I want my treatment copy to match your exacting specifications, so if you want a section about why you suggest shooting with an anamorphic lens for a particular spot, just let me know so I can set aside some space for it – and gather all the details necessary to make your point in the final treatment.


Treatment Editing

Need a fresh set of eyes to rescue a TVC treatment from disaster?

You hired a treatment writer and something just…isn’t…right. Either the tone is wrong, the sections don’t flow, or maybe there are a ton of errors that you just don’t want to deal with. Send it to me, tell me what’s wrong, and I’ll get to work editing the treatment to help give it some life and bring it in-line with your vision.

Treatment Design

I work with very talented TVC treatment designers.

If you’re looking for a total treatment solution with one point of contact, I can help. I work with a small number of talented TVC treatment designers who have produced creative treatments for hundreds of brands. If you want me to put you in touch with them, I’m more than happy to do that. If you want some names and numbers, just let me know, and I’ll make the right introductions.


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More than a treatment writer, I can help on a variety of projects.

Treatments are just the beginning when it comes to my writing services. I’ve also got experience writing synopses, developing characters for pilot episodes and helping production companies define their services. On top of this I’ve got a ton of experience as a B2C and B2B copywriter. So, next time you need some copy for something other than a treatment, let me know. You’ll get the same attention to detail and level of service that you get when I write a treatment.