Every TV Commercial Idea Starts Within You


Every TV Commercial Idea Starts Within You

If every idea you have for a TV commercial, story, or other creative endeavor starts within you – whether it be your heart, soul, mind, etc – then doesn’t it make sense that you should take care of that place (or those places) in order to generate the best-possible ideas?

For me, every TVC treatment I write is a total-body experience. The more energy I have to put into my ideas, the better (usually) the results.

When my mind is sharp, my thoughts are sharp.

When my body is in-shape, the words flow through from my mind and through my fingertips with greater ease.

I think faster. tvc-treatment-writer-getafterit

I write faster.

I respond faster.

I’m more creative.

And, I produce better results for directors who want quality from a TVC treatment writer.

So while some treatment writers are out there getting after a dozen doughnuts or kicking back a venti Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks (670 calories, if you were wondering), I’m out there getting after better health which leads to even better treatments.

One of my goals for 2017 is to do at least six miles, six times each week. I’m already way past that.

I could take a few days off and still be ahead of my goal.

But I won’t.

I don’t do liquid lunch or have late-night cocktails with directors and others in the advertising industry. I’m here to get after the work. You don’t need to drink with me to know I can write TVC treatments, just like I don’t need to see you tip back a drink to know you’re a good director.

Besides, I’m up almost every day by 4am – getting after it in the gym so that I’m sharper, more alert during my day. That means I’m in bed early – unless you need me to ghostwrite a TVC treatment…in which case I’m at it with the same intensity.



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