When The Treatment Designer Isn’t Working Out


When The Treatment Designer Isn’t Working Out

It happens from time-to-time. You hire a new designer, they show promise, and they start the work. And then, in the middle of the project, they go “dark.”

They don’t respond to emails.

They don’t answer their phone.

They simply don’t want to continue with the project, and don’t seem to have the intestinal fortitude to tell you.

Maybe there was some creative tension along the way that they couldn’t overcome. Maybe after starting the project, they realized it just wasn’t a fit for them. Could be one (ore more) of a large number of things.

Regardless, you’re down a TVC treatment designer – and you’ve got a deadline looming.

So – what do you do?

Option 1. Contact the production company and tell them you need a new treatment designer YESTERDAY. Most production companies have a few treatment designers on their “short list” who can jump in and save the day and finish the job that someone else started.

Option 2. Ask your treatment writer if they know a designer who works on short notice and can fill the void for the remainder of the project. If the treatment writer knows someone, brief the production company and carry on. They’ll want to know regardless because it’s possible they’ve already paid some money to the designer to flaked on the project.

Either option may take a few hours to play itself out.

If you ask me if I know a designer who is up to the task, I always say that I know a designer, but I’ll need to make sure they’re available. Mostly, I do this to cover my butt, however 9 times out of 10, my go-to TVC treatment designer is available.

As for the designer who flaked on you…they’re out a project and, hopefully, the money for it. While working online does offer a small layer of protection from this kind of behavior getting out into the open, there’s really no protection from karma and what it will bring.

On the writing side, I’ve had projects canceled on me from time-to-time – even after I’ve started. In every case, the director, production house and all associated have been very gracious. I’ve worked on the client side, the agency side and the production side, so I get it.

But going dark for now reason…that I don’t get – which is why I don’t do it.





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